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A warm welcome to all the users who have already joined. It's very exciting to see this project get off to a great start. I've fixed some minor bugs, and added a Facebook Like button to see if it helps get the word out. It is also now possible to comment on these posts on the main page, which you can do even if you're not a registered member (which is probably inadvisable, but I don't think the site is big enough to attract spambots yet). If you are a member, comments will automatically be attributed to you if you're logged in.

If anybody has some ideas, I'd like suggestions on how to improve the flow of the site, particularly with regard to connecting Thoughts. Ideally, when lots of people are making guesses, those will serve as a good way to connect related Thoughts and show how people are reacting to a piece, though I suppose it's too soon to tell how well it will work in that capacity. Should users perhaps be able to 'guess' even when they know the composer's intent, or on the other hand, should titles not be displayed by default? Any feedback on other desired features, etc. is welcome as well.


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By larrykenny on 08/15/11:

Ah, indeed. I like everybody being able to see all the Thoughts a user has written, though, so I've just set it so that you have to be logged in to see somebody's email address. Is that sufficient? I suppose I could have "Display profile only to logged-in users" as an option...

By fuzzycuzzy on 08/14/11:

Actually, just a small point. You should really make sure that profiles can only be viewed while logged in. That way, spam bots can't crawl the site and get everyone's information.

By larrykenny on 08/11/11:

That's a great idea! I had been thinking about having little 'competitions' for everybody to try their hand at writing a piece that best captures a given concept, but that would take a bigger user base to really work. Requests, on the other hand, would work with any user base and hopefully keep submissions strong. I'll work on implementing a request system shortly; thanks for the feedback.

By fuzzycuzzy on 08/10/11:

I'd like to say that so far, I love the site, and I'm enjoying watching it bloom. I'd like to see a function where a member can request a thought and then have that filled out by other various members. Perhaps under the "submit" tab, someone would be able to "submit a request" for, say, "isolation". Then maybe all current requests could be displayed on the homepage with a button "fill this request". It's just a thought...